Saving energy by MCO-Team’s products!

Saving energy and upgrading cooling capacity by MCO-Team’s products!

MCO-Team B.V: We help saving energy!

Upgrading cooling capacity and in de same time saving enery is where MCO-Team is all about.

We see a huge loss of energy through the use of air coolers and condensers. We have therefore worked out some products to help saving this energy and upgrading the cooling capacity.
What we in principle do is reducing enery consumption by reducing the resistance level of air-coolers. This anables us to decrease energy consumption of electromotors by approx 15-20 percent. Medium size refineries have as much as 400 coolers driver by approx 30 Kw elektromotors. U huge reduction of more than 15 milion Kw/h!

Besides the reduction of the resistance level MCO-Team aims to level the need for cooling capacity with the operation level of the cooler installations. The operation curve of a cooling installation shows that in summer time max cooling is needed, and in winter time there is a lot over-capacity. We do this by simpy switch of fans or make fans frquency driven. Doing this we can achieve a funther 10-18% saving on energy, meaning another 15 milion Kw/h.

MCO-Team can help you save energy!




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