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Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. cannot vouch for the availability of this website or for the accuracy of the data presented on this website, while Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. does not know why this website is being visited and also does not know where the information on this website is being used for. Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. accepts no liability for damage caused by the incompleteness and/or inaccuracy of the information presented on this website. Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. undertakes to see to it that information provided via this website by users is processed with due care and protected in accordance with the privacy policy. However, Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. cannot be held liable for the purloining of such information by third parties that have managed to circumvent the existing security measures or tapped into the flow of communication.


Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. has made this website available under the following conditions.

Restrictions that apply to use in connection with intellectual property rights
This website contains a number of elements that are subject to intellectual property rights established by Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. and other parties, such as drawings, photographs, text and the design of the pages in general. In order to protect Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V.'s interests and the interests of third parties the following restrictions apply to the use of this website:

  • Parts of this website may not be copied electronically or otherwise except to the extent that this is necessary to be able to refer to the website in an efficient manner via the Internet and to make use of the services offered via the website.
  • In principle, others are permitted to create hyperlinks to this website, provided the link is made to the homepage ( Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. reserves the right to object to so-called 'deep links' that link directly to certain parts of its website.
  • The creation of a hyperlink to this website, such that an Internet user sees this website in a frame of other Internet pages, is strictly prohibited.

Fair use
Users are not permitted to use this website in a way that is likely to hinder other Internet users or otherwise impair the proper functioning of this website, the information presented on the website and/or the underlying software.
Furthermore, users are not permitted to use parts of the website that would normally be inaccessible by using a false name or by circumventing the security measures.

Links to websites of third parties This website may include hyperlinks to websites outside the The use of these websites may be subject to different conditions. Joh. Mourik & Co. Holding B.V. is not responsible and/or liable for the content of these websites.



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